Waste water chemical application and selection can be critical for optimum costs effectiveness, performance and compliance. Marvic chemicals have both the latest technology and the practical know how to apply the best chemistry.



Marvic has developed a unique chemical selection process that differentiates it from its competition. The methodology is based  on first principles of colloidal and flocculation chemistry. The chemistry involved in selecting the optimum performance or costs is critical in designing your waste water treatment plant. Marvic build equipment around the chemistry of your waste water not the reverse.

Marvic has developed a patented chemical combination for application on its unique Fusion process. The Fusion process has ground breaking investment benefits for industrial waste water applications. The unique combination of chemical products is pivotal for the devices success. 


Marvic Chemicals have developed a unique treatment process that combats odours in grease traps and industrial and municipal effluent.

The technology is non hazardous and completely safe and green.

the technology also destroy fly larvae and therefore can combat barflies and Mosquitos problems in Restaurants Bars and food outlets.



Product Applications

Sludge Dewatering
Odour Control
BOD/COD reduction Slime Control